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Engine Parts List

DV 8 / 10 LSME

Effective June, 2011, subject to change without notice. Tax, shipping and handling addional. E & OE
Prices are each, Canadaian Dollars.

Item                                Description                                                    Rate

620L0555                Connecting Rod Bearing                                          46.40

000e7005             Exhaust elbow DV8/10 LSME                                   275.10

008E7310                           Air Filter                                                      248.60

620L0618             Fuel Filter Element Small Spin-on                               43.80

620L0613                   Fuel Pump Dv 8/10 LSME                                  256.40

620L0668               Lubricating Oil Filter DV8/19L                                 61.00

000E6339                 Head Gasket, DV8/10 LSM                                     64.90

037D4202                Gasket Set, DV 8, Valve Grind                               208.30

037D4201                Gasket Set, DV 8, Complete                                   398.00

620L0599                   Copper Crush Washer                                              3.90

620L0594                         Nozzle, Injector                                              217.00

620L0503                      Main Bearing Lining                                         168.40

620L0662                      Oil Pump, DV10LSME                                     163.00

620L0553                      Connecting Rod Bearing                                     40.40

620L0558                               Ring Set                                                   282.10

620L0689                Piston Complete with pin, Dv8/10 L                       998.30

612A1700                   Starter Motor, 12 Volt, LSME                          1,564.70

612E0060                               Stop solenoid                                           332.40

552J0919                   Temperature Sender, Direct Cool                          263.30

008E6577                         Thermostat, direct cool                                   128.60

000E2584                            Thermostat O-ring                                         24.90

41851                            Thermostat house gasket                                       3.00

620L0569                               Valve, Inlet                                                 99.90

620L0570                      Valve, Exhaust, DV 8/10 LSME                          99.90

620L0561                         Lock, Inlet Valve Guide                                    66.90

620L0563                         Lock, Exhaust Valve Guide                               66.90

610G0100                            Water Pump Complete                                 362.40

610G0102                   Water pump impeller, 4 screw cover                        39.90

610G0103                   Water Pump Cover Gasket 4 Screw                           3.50

008E8207                      Zinc Anode, Saildrive, Small                                 41.80

552A0355             Indicator Lamp, Rectangular, Temp., Oil or Charge       16.20

008E8208                      Muffler, Stainless, DV8-10LSME                        964.10

037D0402                         Head for DV8/10LSME - basic                      2,154.20

008E7658                            Cylinder, DV8/10 LSME                             1,879.10

000E6921                         Skin Fitting, Saildrive Leg, Small                         94.90

523A0000                      Glue, Special for Skin Fitting on Saildrive               18.90

541E0926                                  Flex Mounts LSME, Each                          329.00